New Zealand Certificate in Music

LEVEL  | 4


METHOD OF STUDY  | Full time 

DATES  | Feb - Nov



The music programme is practical and performance focused. A range of both theory and practical based courses are offered that will develop students’ performance and technical ability within their given major. Students will receive two one-on-one music lessons with their tutors each week, as well as combined classes with their major stream.

The Music Fundamentals course will equip students to be able to read and write music and they will explore many contemporary music genres and settings in the Music Studies course. Students will also study Music Technology where they will develop composition and arranging skills and be able to collaborate with other music students for assessment and ensemble purposes. Learning how to operate and safely set up a PA system is covered in the Music Technology course and how to utilize and enhance musical compositions using Logic Pro and other software.

There are several opportunities for students to perform throughout the year and showcase what they have learnt. The courses PARTS-407 and DEVLP-408 are taken by all dance, drama and music students together – see short description below.



Performance Music 1

Perform solo and in group on stage and gain confidence and performance skills (Semester One).


Performance Music 2

Perform solo and in group on stage and gain confidence and performance skills (Semester Two).


Music Technique

Training including two one on one lessons to learn the techniques for voice or instrument to gain mastery in your chosen area.


Music Fundamentals 

Improving your grasp of the music language to help you communicate your music to other peoples.



Music Technology

Learning how to use computer based technology to record and enhance your performances as well as basic PA set up.


Music Studies 

Delving into the rich history of musical styles and using this to improve your own compositions and performances.


Performing Arts Industry Studies 

Finding out about the Performing Arts sector and how you can practically plan a potential career pathway.


Personal Development 

Learning how to be a stronger person and finding out more about God, yourself and others and how it fits into living in Aotearoa, New Zealand.