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Allister Ngawati-Salaivao

Choreographer | Prestige Dance Crew

Excel was the start of my love for the Arts, more specifically Dance. My first ever teaching job was from my tutor at Excel and the rest is history.

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To be still passionate and dancing in 2019 blows my mind. I'm thankful to have attended Excel School of Performing Arts in 2002.

Jazz Thornton

Co-Founder | Voices of Hope

Excel came to my high school in 2009. I remember watching their performance and listening to their strong message and going "One day, I want to do that."

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In 2013, I got accepted to be a drama major and through the year I learnt not only how to harness my craft, but I also learnt that my identity was not placed in the things that I do, but in who I am. Now, 7 years later, I am the co-founder of a mental health charity called Voices of Hope - We have toured internationally speaking at events and creating content and campaigns that provide hope and provoke change. (We even had coffee with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!) I am also now a documentary director with my first NZonAir series premiering March 2019 and I am the subject of an international feature documentary film being directed by award winning director Leanne Pooley.

Junior nansen

Musician | The Levites

In 2005 I joined Excel to pursue my passion for Music, majoring in bass guitar. Excel provided me with the support and expertise to refine my skills as a bassist and set me up for a career in the music industry.

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Since graduating from Excel, my brothers and I formed a session band called ‘The Levites’. We have had the privilege of working for some of the most well known artists throughout Australasia including Stan Walker, Vince Harder, Fiji and Aradnah and music labels Sony, Warner Music and Dawnraid, to name a few. Opportunities to travel both nationally and internationally and perform at music events such as the Vodafone Music Awards, Pasific Music Awards and entertain in front of thousands at some of New Zealands biggest music festivals, is an incredible experience.


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Our kaupapa is to develop performing artists in a whanau environment, building their spiritual walk and seeing them become creative influencers.


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