EXCEL offers unique performance based programmes in music, dance and drama.


our facilities

  • Dance Studio

  • Drama room

  • 5x Vocal rooms

  • Drum room

  • Guitar room

  • Bass room

  • Piano room

  • Music Lab

  • Computer Lab

  • Lecture room

  • Study room

  • Auditorium


Our Story

EXCEL School of Performing Arts was established in 1994 to train up young performing artists but to also give these young people a sense of direction and purpose. Even at the time it started, the founding Principal, Jeff Todd who came from a background with the NZ Opera company and directing YOne for 18 years, saw young people coming through who were the product of massive family breakdown in New Zealand and who were surrounded by the highest suicide rate in the developed world.  That was in 1993! There is as much if not more need for a sense of purpose and direction and moral guidelines, and EXCEL is a Christian-based school because we see hope and truth in the message of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

The performing arts provides an area where the young artist can build success and discipline and from that take a stepping stone up to building real change in behavior and character – the kind of change that spreads into all areas of their life.

EXCEL has always sought to provide tuition from top quality specialist industry professionals who are at the top of their game.  Classes are kept small and one on one tuition is provided to give the attention needed to individualise each student’s progress. The programme is very practical and performance based with more emphasis on actually doing the performing art rather than talking and writing essays about it. 

In 2018 EXCEL began to provide the brand new Level 4 New Zealand Certificates and in 2019 we began to offer for the first time the Level 5 New Zealand Diplomas. These are all fully NZQA approved and accredited and are now nationwide qualifications. EXCEL is on the cutting edge offering these brand new Performing Arts qualifications. Find out more about these qualifications here.

EXCEL School of Performing Arts remains committed to its founding principles of providing top quality performing arts training as well as challenging students in their spiritual walk. We want to develop performing artists that last the distance and become successful in more than just their creative talent.