Course Fees

How much does it cost to attend Excel?

Level 4 Certificate

Total for 1st years:
$7398 incl GST

(this includes a Tuition Fee of $6884 and a Compulsory Student Services Fee of $514)

Level 5 Diploma

Total for 2nd years
$7398 incl GST

(this includes a Tuition Fee of $6884 and a Compulsory Student Services Fee of $514)

Commitment and Administration Fee

$150 incl GST

A commitment and administration fee must be enclosed with a student's letter of confirmation accepting the place offered them in the EXCEL School of Performing Arts. This fee is in addition to the tuition fees listed above. If a student declines their place before the course commences, the commitment fee is non-refundable. It should be noted that EXCEL, unlike other similar organisations, does not charge an audition fee, in spite of the fact that there is considerable expense in processing each application.

Compulsory Student Services Fee

$514 incl GST

This fee is included in the above total fee for a students tuition.
It covers school resources such as counselling, medical, sport and recreational activities etc.

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Compulsory Student Services Fee 2019 (Report to students)
The Compulsory Student Services Fee for 2019 is $514 incl GST

Compulsory student service fees | $34,320

Counselling services/ medical | $7,000
Careers information, advice and guidance | $2,500
Sports, recreation and cultural activities | $24,500
Surplus (Deficit) | $320

Are there any other extra fees?

International Students' Fee

$14,375 incl GST

Minor (optional private lessons)

Students who would like to take a minor – this may be on an instrument, vocals, dance or drama, must first audition to do so. Minor courses do not contribute to your overall credit count and are in addition to the 120 credits needed to gain the qualification. In light of this, there is an additional cost involved, in much the same way as you may have private lessons. It is a great opportunity with the professional tutors that EXCEL has to offer. The costs are listed below and do not qualify for Fees-Free.

Music (instrument or vocal) – music minor subjects are individually tutored at a cost of:
$845 incl GST

Dance or Drama:
$230 incl GST

Additional Expenses

Students may incur additional expenses which will vary depending on the major subjects chosen.
(NB all figures are subject to change).


The government has introduced Fees-Free for all New Zealand students in their first year of tertiary study. If you’re eligible, your first year of tuition fees will be covered. However, you may still want to borrow course-related costs and living costs through a Student loan. If you are not eligible for the Fees-Free scheme, the costs of the programmes and fees are listed below (please note students who are wanting to take a minor, this is not part of Fees-Free).

Student Loans and Allowances

Eligible students are able to apply for student loans and allowances. Please note that a student must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident to be eligible. Forms can be obtained from Studylink Centre, Private Bag 11070, Palmerston North (Freephone 0800 88 99 00 or via the Studylink website). You can also apply for your loan online through the website.

For any queries, please feel free to contact our office and talk to one of our staff who will be only too happy to assist.

For further details regarding loans, allowances and course related costs, check out the Studylink website.

Awards and Scholarships

If you are of Maori descent, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Application should be made to the Special Education Service He Tohu Umanga Matauranga, Manaaki Tauira Grants and other sources that support Maori students.

Withdrawal and Refund

It is the stated policy of EXCEL Ministries Charitable Trust Board of Trustees, to refund to any student who chooses to withdraw from the course within the first eight days of the course the total enrolment sum less $600 (or less 10% of the total enrolment sum, whichever is the lesser) as withdrawal from any given course is effectively withdrawal from the establishment. Withdrawal must be given in writing.

If after eight days it becomes apparent that the course level is inappropriate for the student, the option of transferring to another course with no fee penalties will be considered.

Those students who terminate their course of study after eight days, but before thirty days, may have their fees held in credit for re-enrolment in the following year. Fees will not be held in credit for more than one year. Any other situation will be regarded as non-refundable. If a student is required to leave the school because of breach of school rules, no refund of fees will be given.

In the unlikely event of de-registration, or partial or complete withdrawal of accreditation, EXCEL will either provide a refund pro-rata for the balance of fees or provide ongoing tuition at a similar level acceptable to the student.

EXCEL has provided students with insurance protection against financial failure on the part of EXCEL in the form of a performance bond underwritten by Bank of New Zealand. This bond is subject to the terms and conditions of the contract entered into.

Updated October 2018. All details subject to change without notification.