New Zealand Diploma in Drama

LEVEL  | 5


METHOD OF STUDY  | Full time 

DATES | Feb - Nov



The Level 5 Diploma prepares you for higher level study and build on practical experience and skills learnt in the Level 4 Certificate programme.

There is also the added bonus of two short tours to gain performance experience in different venues around Aotearoa including Schools, Theatres and Churches as well as showcase original content created individually and collaboratively in your Major courses.



Performance Drama 3

Perform solo and group repertoire including original dramas and develop stage techniques for performance on tour (Semester One).


Performance Drama 4

Perform solo and group repertoire including reinterpreted scripts and plan and perform on a tour at a range of venues (Semester Two).


Acting Technique 2

Further training in acting techniques to make for a strong actor in a range of dramatic forms.


Physical Movement 2

Further development of using body movement to convey a broad range of characteristics and emotions and interacting physically with other actors.



Acting for Screen 2

Analysing the difference in acting for screen and stage with practical application.


Drama Studies 2

Analysing a defined range of dramatic forms to contribute to the development of short original scripts.


Performing Arts Industry Studies 2

Applying understanding of small business practices, industry structures and operational practices to prepare for potential work in the industry.


Personal Development 2

Further understanding and development of strong character and finding out more about God, yourself and others and how it fits into living in Aotearoa, New Zealand.