New Zealand Certificate in Drama

LEVEL  | 4


METHOD OF STUDY  | Full time 

DATES  | Feb - Nov



The drama programme is performance focused and students will cover a range of courses covering skills and techniques for stage and screen.

In these courses, students will often be working alongside each other developing/devising scripts and will explore several dramatic forms.

Students will learn how to prepare for an audition and what is involved in working with artistic agents, theatre and commercial crews as well as other professional settings. Guest tutors are invited to share their personal experiences and offer industry perspective.

Students will also learn how to project their voices and how to maintain healthy voice technique. There is a Drama Performance Showcase where they present performances which may include short pieces they have devised themselves. The courses PARTS-407 and DEVLP-408 are taken by all dance, drama and music students together – see short description below.



Performance Drama 1

Perform solo and in group on stage and gain confidence and performance skills (Semester One).


Performance Drama 2

Perform solo and in group on stage and gain confidence and performance skills (Semester Two).


Acting Technique

Learning the basic techniques to make for a strong actor in a range of dramatic forms.


Physical Movement 

A practical course aiming at improving awareness of how your body can communicate without using words.



Acting for Screen

Learning about the difference in acting for screen and stage with practical application.


Drama Studies 

Delving into the rich history of dramatic forms and using this to improve your own devising and performances.


Performing Arts Industry Studies 

Finding out about the Performing Arts sector and how you can practically plan a potential career pathway.


Personal Development 

Learning how to be a stronger person and finding out more about God, yourself and others and how it fits into living in Aotearoa, New Zealand.