New Zealand Certificate in Dance

LEVEL  | 4


METHOD OF STUDY  | Full time 

DATES  | Feb - Nov



The dance programme is practical in nature and students will learn a variety of styles including American Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. Students will learn the principle of choreography to develop their own solo and group pieces.

They will use basic research skills to study selected choreographers and a range of dance styles. There is also a focus on fitness and body health to ensure dancers perform at their best and to prevent injury.

The dance programme is tutored by leading dancers and choreographers, with guest tutors being brought in as well throughout the year. A highlight of the year is a Dance Performance Showcase where students get the chance to present their personal choreography. The courses PARTS-407 and DEVLP-408 are taken by all dance, drama and music students together – see short description below.



Performance Dance 1

Perform solo and in group on stage and gain confidence and performance skills (Semester One).


Performance Dance 2

Perform solo and in group on stage and gain confidence and performance skills (Semester Two).


Dance Technique

Training in the fundamentals of Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop to develop solo and group performances.



Finding out the basic tools of choreography and creating your own solo and group pieces.



Dance Fitness

Becoming a fit and healthy dancer with a solid understanding of how your body works for dance to keep you in the game for longer.


Dance Studies

Studying the works of selected choreographers and using this to develop your own pieces.


Performing Arts Industry Studies

Finding out about the Performing Arts sector and how you can practically plan a potential career pathway.


Personal Development

Learning how to be a stronger person and finding out more about God, yourself and others and how it fits into living in Aotearoa, New Zealand.