video audition


As you are aware, entry into EXCEL is by an audition. EXCEL understands that circumstances can prevent potential students attending an audition, therefore we are willing to consider applications made via video/ DVD or via You Tube etc.

There are a number of requirements for a video audition that will help us make a fair assessment of your abilities.

Video audition requirements are as follows:

  • For your chosen major subject, you will need to perform two pieces of contrasting styles that are each approximately two minutes in length.

  • Interview process: Please tell us a little about yourself, what experience you’ve had and any additional information you feel is relevant to your application. You can include in your video audition any performance footage you may have done (if this footage is of you performing with a number of people, please make sure our audition panel are well aware of where you are in this performance).

We ask that your video audition does not exceed 15 minutes.

Please enclose with your video audition, the audition/ interview form and a recent photograph.