Careers Guidance

What career and job opportunities are there in dance?

Dance company member; dance instructing; performers in music videos, television commercials or productions; performers within community events and festivals; Commercial dance performer.

The EXCEL Certificate and Diplomas are good bridging qualifications into degree level courses.

What career and job opportunities are there in drama?

Performer for stage/film and television/ advertising/ radio/voice over or other roles that require vocal skills/ community performances

What career and job opportunities are there in music?

Music performer – solo/band; Music producer; Commercial composer; session musician; specialist instrument tutor;

There is also an increasing online music industry with very little barriers in the way to put up your own music on Spotify for example

What is the next step after Certificate and Diploma?

You will find that many careers will require a degree qualification eg Teaching in secondary school.  You will find that the Diploma at EXCEL will be good preparation to bridge you into further tertiary study

There are several skills that form part of the EXCEL programmes that are called transferable skills.  These are skills learnt that can be used wherever you end up working – communication skills, research skills, confidence from performance, small business and financial skills, creative thinking

What are transferable skills?