"I chose to move forward and learn my craft" – Tony O'Rourke

Second Year - Tour

EXCEL School of Performing Arts is the only institution in New Zealand that offers its students the chance to take part in a nationwide tour performing in High Schools, Theatres and Churches throughout New Zealand.

The tour year is a unique opportunity for selected first year graduates to put into practice the skills they have developed during their first year, as well as gaining invaluable performance experience in venues throughout New Zealand. The tour programme is a full year and includes an intensive training period before the tour commences.

The team tour with three programmes, one for schools, a Youth concert presented on a Friday night and a Sunday programme presented in host churches.  The tour team is billeted each week by people in the host churches and this in itself is a valuable experience. 

The driving force behind every EXCEL tour over the past fourteen years has been to incite hope and enthusiasm for life in the youth of New Zealand and to encourage people of all ages in their Christian faith. The tour programme has had a powerful impact on the thousands who have attended. It has also been rewarding to see the dynamic growth in faith of the tour members themselves as they excel in their gifting.