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Ness is a Kiwi-born singer, vocal coach, dancer, and actor who is passionate about performing with excellence. 

She has toured with professional theatre company’s throughout New Zealand, and has performed regularly at high-profile events, such as the Auckland ‘Food & Wine Festival’, Auckland ‘Seafood Festival’, and Auckland’s Sky City Casino. 

Ness is also a vocal coach. Ness enjoys seeing vocalists developing their gift with GREAT technique. She loves giving singers tools to help assist them in becoming stronger, more confident vocalists. She has been coaching for approximately 8 years now, and loves to see singers "Get It" where after learning about their voice, learning how to apply good technique, learning how to 'let go and trust their voice' see the shift within the vocalist and their unique sound. We all work to hard when we sing, and with good technique it should become effortless. 

Ness has a rich, powerful voice which is very versatile, singing a variety of styles. Ness loves being able to move, challenge, inspire and touch the hearts of people with her voice.

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