Vince was born and raised in West Auckland where his love of music and performing flourished.

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Vocal Major -

"My time through EXCEL literally changed my life. My outlook on music and striving for the best as a singer/song writer was challenged in a positive way there.  Having strong teachers that really cared about you succeeding made a world of difference.  I highly recommend EXCEL to anyone who wants to further their talents".

Omega Levine has embarked on a solo journey that blends his childhood influences from pop, rock and alternative music with his unique storytelling talent lyrics. As the frontman and song writer of the multi-award winning Parachute Band, Omega spent almost a decade touring the globe, playing festival stages around the world and entertaining crowds of up to 80,000. With a slew of new material ready to go and a whole lot of exciting collaborations in the pipeline, you can guarantee you will be hearing a lot more from Omega in 2018.

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