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Vocal Major -

"Musically we gained heaps from learning different singing techniques we never would have known if we hadn't gone to EXCEL....learning all of that is why we're still able to do what we can with our voices - Nainz".

Adeaze comprises of the two NZ born brothers Feagaigafou and Logovii Tupai'i, otherwise known as Nainz and Viiz of Adeaze.

Born of Samoan decent, the brothers were brought up in a large family with 3 older siblings and both their parents.  Their mother bounded with the ailment polio since birth, has been responsible for nurturing the boys musical talents when they were young.  They started their musical career at the tender ages of 4 and 5 respectively.  Brought up playing music in the church, and singing in front of small audiences the brothers crafted their skills with different instruments, and live performances.

Adeaze are the architects of their own sound featuring soaring harmonies and emotional song writing far beyond their years.  A new movement in the sound of contemporary R&B music.

Both the chart topping brothers attended EXCEL School of Performing Arts and were members of the second year tour team.

As of 2014, both brothers are currently involved with Saintz Up Performing Arts (SUPA), a program aimed at young people aged 3 - 15 years covering drama, vocals, choir, guitar and dance.

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