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Koia was born in Australia and grew up in the town of Taree, North of New Castle. Having a huge interest in music she began piano lessons at the age of 9 and singing lessons at age 16. After finishing school, Koia moved to New Zealand to re-connect with her heritage and Whanau.  During this time she studied voice under noted vocal coach Janice Web and gained Grade 8 Vocal Certificate in Music Theatre and Grade 8 Classical. Koia also began her studies at the Auckland University where she completed a bachelor of music followed by Honours in Pop music Majoring in Songwriting. On completing her degree, Koia started teaching voice at Millennium Music and joined the Sound Worskshop, a covers band specializing in corporate and private shows. 

In 2006 Koia became a contract vocal tutor at EXCEL School of Performing Arts, and after two years on the job became Course Director in 2008. Since then Koia has been the head vocal tutor at EXCEL and teaches vocal technique, stage performance and songwriting.  Koia will also be overseeing the Tour Programme for 2016.

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