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Nearly 30 years ago, before EXCEL was a reality, a woman in Whakatane wrote down these words:

“I believe God would have a Christian university or creative arts school – ministry training centre established in Auckland. In other words a place where youth can be trained to develop their God given talents eg music, drama, dance and other associated skills and at the same time receive teaching from real men and women of God who can equip them to become true and effective powerful disciples for Jesus. I see a centre where everyone is together in a family type atmosphere, eating together, learning together, worshipping together and being accommodated etc... This place would become known as a place of restoration, refreshment, revitalising and REVIVAL. Teams would go out at regular intervals.”

These words were written in November 1987 and sent to Jeff Todd, the Founding Principal nearly 10 years later when the school was already about 3 years old. But the full picture of what this lady wrote has not yet come into being. She went on to write –

“It would seem that the buildings are already established somewhere and the property is entered by a picturesque sealed driveway with large deciduous trees either side. I feel I would recognise it instantly if I saw it.”

When I started working at the school in 2000, I was shown this letter and it left a deep impression on me and it still moves me. The school is moving into a new chapter after this foundational period and I sense there is so much more still to be fulfilled and particularly that God is wanting to do something between Maori and Pakeha and that He wants to use EXCEL!

Nga mihi nui

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