EXCEL offers a versatile voice training programme, which begins by teaching the techniques and disciplines of singing.  All aspects of voice production are taught, including: 

  • how the voice works as an instrument
  • accurate intonation
  • breathing techniques
  • expression and phrasing
  • expansion of range
  • resonance
  • tone and projection

Students get two 45-minute individual lessons each week and assessments include stage performances.

  • Band Arrangement - Learning the fundamentals of band arranging with a strong practical emphasis.  This involves identifying stylistic features of songs and producing the individual parts which contribute to this style as a whole. The role and interaction of instruments within a band will also be studied.
  • Music Theory - A practical, hands-on approach to Music Theory using the interactive music software Auralia and Musition.
  • Sound - This is an introductory elective and opens up the mysterious world of leads, microphones, amplifiers, speakers and PA systems.
  • Vocal Harmony - Many vocal performances in the music industry involve part singing or harmonies. The ability to do this with confidence is an asset to any vocalist.  As this class is compulsory for all vocal majors, it combines the best voices in the school with some outstanding results.  Performance skills and the ability to communicate effectively to an audience are also covered.  This class is completely practical and an invaluable tool for fine tuning your skills.
  • Vocal Performance - It is well known that the best way to gain confidence and to improve as a performer is by actually doing it.  This course endeavours to give our vocalists that experience.  Training will be given in perfecting your performance skills including how to move on stage, stage presence and energy, interpretation of the song and authentic delivery of the genre as well as what is appropriate for dress/ costuming.

Vocal Major students must also take the Compulsory Subjects and choose two Elective Subjects - Dance Minor, Drama Minor, Sequencing, Music Minor* (Bass, Drums, Guitar, or Keys), Song Writing, or Worship Leading.

*There is an additional charge for all music minor subjects as they involve individual tuition.