"I chose to move forward and learn my craft" – Tony O'Rourke

Elective Courses

  • Dance Minor - This is a fun, energetic Hip Hop class designed to get you movin’!  You’ll learn how to dance with attitude, develop your dance co-ordination and skills, acquire some basic techniques and perform a wide range of steps and routines to the latest music.
  • Drama Minor - This is a drama course designed to develop confidence and skills.  A lot of emphasis is on improvisation, characterisation and devising your own drama performances.  Most of the work is performed in groups.
  • Music Minor (Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keys, Vocals)* - Individually tutored lessons with subject content similar to that taught in the major level, however the material taught is not as in-depth or extensive, as for the majors.
    *There is an additional charge for all music minor subjects as they involve individual tuition.  Additional cost is $711.85 including G.S.T.
  • Event Management - A course designed to look at the process of running a performing arts event including advertising & promotion through to stage managing, lighting and sound.  This elective will include the running of regular events at school.
  • Logic Pro - With the rapid advance of modern music technology, more people than ever before are creating high quality recorded music with their home computers.  This elective is completely practical with small classes and one computer and keyboard per person.  The subject looks at how to use Logic Pro to create studio quality recordings.
  • Songwriting - This subject covers the ‘how to’ of song structure, creating good melodies, lyrics, harmony, stylistic features, arrangement and production.  This elective contains a strong practical element, and includes the arrangement, recording and production of original songs using EXCEL’s own recording facilities.
  • Worship Leading - The worship elective covers the spiritual, musical and leadership facets of worship. The course covers the Biblical characteristics of worship, the lifestyle of a worshipper, spiritual preparation, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, the spiritual significance of worship and its role in spiritual warfare and edification of the church body.  The musical aspects will include band arrangement, use of different styles, contrast and transition from song to song, the role of the band members, vocal harmony, keyboards, and band work.  Each student is than given the opportunity to lead worship with a full band.