The EXCEL Drum course will provide an understanding of the basic techniques and drum theory, through to different styles and timing, dynamics, drum tuning, feel and groove, and familiarisation with equipment.  Students get two 40 minutes individual lessons each week and assessments include stage performances. 

  • Band - Music majors are placed into bands to rehearse different styles/genres of music which are performed in front of a live audience.
  • Band Arrangement - Learning the fundamentals of band arranging with a strong practical emphasis.  This involves identifying stylistic features of songs and producing the individual parts which contribute to this style as a whole. The role and interaction of instruments within a band will also be studied.
  • Sequencing - With the rapid advance of modern music technology, more people than ever before are creating high quality recorded music with their home computers.  This subject looks at how to use Logic Pro to create studio quality recordings.
  • Music Theory - A practical, hands-on approach to Music Theory using the interactive music software Auralia and Musition.
  • Sound - This is an introductory elective and opens up the mysterious world of leads, microphones, amplifiers, speakers and PA systems.

Music Major students must also choose two Elective Subjects - Dance Minor, Drama Minor, Music Minor* (Bass, Guitar, Keys or Vocals), Song Writing or Worship Leading.

*There is an additional charge for all music minor subjects as they involve individual tuition.