The dance course offers extensive training with top New Zealand tutors in a variety of styles, including American Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary Dance.  Learning to perform on stage to an audience is essential in the Performing Arts and emphasis is also placed on Dance Performance and Choreography.

Essential building blocks for any good dancer are strength, flexibility and endurance, to this end we have incorporated a fitness class with individual fitness testing.  On the theoretical side subjects include Body Health and Fitness, to provide a greater understanding of the body and how to achieve optimal performance as a dancer.

  • American Jazz - Learn a wide range of American Jazz moves and sit the external NZAMD exam at the appropriate level.
  • Body Health - The study of basic anatomy and physiology in relation to movement and the principles of nutrition to provide optimal performance.
  • Choreography - Learn the principles of choreography and prepare both solo and group performances.
  • Contemporary - Learn a wide range of contemporary dance moves and sit the external NZAMD exam at the appropriate level.
  • Fitness - Manage personal fitness.
  • Hip Hop - Learn a wide range of hip hop styles and routines.
  • Performance - Apply dance knowledge and skill in a performance as a larger group.

Dance Major students must also take the Compulsory Subjects and have the option of choosing a Elective Minor in Drama or Music (Bass, Drums, Guitar,  Keys or Vocals)*.

*There is an additional charge for all music minor subjects as they involve individual tuition.