"I chose to move forward and learn my craft" – Tony O'Rourke


Entry to the EXCEL School of Performing Arts is through audition. These are held in the main cities of New Zealand, from October to February.  The southern most city for auditions is Christchurch.

EXCEL is a non-denominational school, and there is no minimum requirement as far as academic achievement is concerned, however it should be noted that we have no beginner courses available and as such we are looking for evidence of previous experience or training or people with the necessary skills and talent to cope with the demands of the course.

Although our policy states that ‘there are no minimum academic requirements’ it is still to the students advantage if they have at least level 1 English credits.

Applicants should list relevant achievements and experience and provide appropriate documentation i.e. certificates, references etc.

All applicants are notified by mail of their acceptance, or otherwise, into the school.

The minimum age is 16 and the applicant must be 16 at the time the course commences.

Although EXCEL is a Christian based school, a Christian belief is not a generic entry requirement, however a Christian background will obviously enhance learning in the Christian modules we offer.

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